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Your Immune System & COVID-19

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Many conversations about health focus on the things we do to our bodies that are either good or bad. They focus on the food that is making us sick, and the healthier alternatives we need to eat more of… And the poor lifestyle choices that, while may not be immediately bad for you, can impact your health when you’re older.

In a sense, we have some degree of control over these things. If we eat better, we are healthier. If we stop drinking, smoking, and work out more, our bodies will improve.

But there are several segments within our world that we cannot control: the environment, and the microbes that impact our health.

Is Your Environment Contributing to Your Illness?

Environmental illnesses are nothing new; they occur when you are exposed to toxins in the area where you live or work. This exposure can make you sick, which is the result of long-term exposure, at other times toxins can immediately impact your health when you come into contact with them; cigarette smoke, cleaning chemicals, your mattress, pillows, etc….

And yes, illnesses can be caused by different factors, but considering the average, modern American life, they are most likely due to:

  • Dehydration

  • Unsafe drinking water.

  • Chemicals in the workplace and home.

  • Exposure to old buildings which are often insulated with asbestos.

  • Inner city air pollution

  • Pollution from factories, which can be life-threatening

  • Exposure to cigarette smoke even second hand smoke has been linked to different types of cancer.

Additionally, there are toxins in your own home that can make you sick: mold, dust mites, and the fumes from toxic cleaning products.

Most environmental illnesses can be prevented if you take some precautions. For instance, it is possible to limit your exposure to cigarette smoke or avoid the chemicals in cleaning products by switching to organic based cleaners.

Studies have found that high air pollution can have devastating health effects and lead to respiratory issues in people who’ve never smoked in their lives.

New research even shows that if a mother is exposed to industrial pollution, these toxins get transferred to their children, and end up harming their immune system. What’s more, these conditions can then be passed on to other generations, as if it’s a genetic trait. How’s this possible you ask? It’s not just the air in your home - it’s the air we breathe wherever we are.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

One radical solution is to simply move to an area where the air and water is cleaner, but for many Americans, this is simply not possible. Every state has an air quality procedure in place to manage high amounts of fumes being emitted into our air from industrial complexes to inner city buildings and city traffic which has been documented to produce high volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Yet, it is possible to reduce the damage that is caused by consistent exposure to heavy metal toxins in your home and increase your cells ability to repair themselves. This can be accomplished with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) treatments.

Pulsating resonating electro-magnetic energy recharges all 70+ trillion cells thereby enabling them to stay and decrease the possibility of succumbing to illnesses and diseases.

Keep in mind that all illnesses and diseases begin inside of weak, dysfunctional cells that are incapable of repairing themselves. This microscopic function is known as cellular regeneration.

Cellular decay is an on-going process that becomes more visible as we age. One reason for this is that 90% of the world’ population is “dehydrated”.

People are not drinking an adequate amount of “mineral rich living water” to help reduce premature aging, illnesses and diseases.

To keep your cells vibrant, healthy and functional they require a high volume of minerals; nutritional chemicals and enzymes from the foods we eat and, clean toxic free air and the ability to eliminate waste and other toxic substances that enter our bodies.

We take for granted how precise our body’ are in performing multiple functions throughout the day to keep us alive and well. It is only when this “natural process” begins to be interrupted that we take notice that something is wrong - our health is failing.

When it comes to the current state of the world, and COVID-19…

The amount of toxins in our body can drastically affect our body’s capacity to defend itself. Our immune system is compromised when our body is dealing with the ‘three-alarm fire’ of toxic build-up, just to keep us functioning at a most basic level. That is why individuals with “on-going health problems” succumb quicker to COVID-19 or even the common flu that occurs during the fall and spring of the year.

The best way to defend yourself against this common global threat is to remove the pre-existing toxic load on your body… Unburden your body and it can better defend you!

How Do You Unburden Your Body so that Your Cells are able to Defend Themselves?

PEMF treatments!

PEMF treatments for Influenza and Immune Support recharges all 70+ trillion cells and thereby enabling your Immune System to fight off any invading Micro Invaders as well as repair themselves and maintain their daily functions of keeping you alive, healthy and well.

To schedule your Influenza or Immune Support PEMF treatment send an email to

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