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PEMFs The Key to Rebuilding Your Body

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (Fields) (PEMF) are not necessarily considered to be part of the traditional health protocols for improving one's health. In fact, based on traditional medicinal protocols "drug therapy" is the primary option provided by Physicians in healing any ailment.

However, true healing happens at many levels, not just the physical. While PEMFs work primarily at the physical level, the best results using PEMFs happen when many levels of the individual agree – physical, mental, spiritual.

If the primary goal is to heal the physical cause of a problem, one must understand that healing only happens with the body’s consent, using the body’s own healing capacity and its own wisdom. That means healing happens the way the body lets it or wants it to happen and not the way we “wish” it would happen.

Physical healing happens based on the nutritional status or health of the body, the natural energy level or vitality of the body, the severity of the problem, how long the problem has been present, the emotional state, immune status, toxicity caused by environmental toxins, medications, drug abuse, chemotherapy and however many other problems the body is dealing with at a given time. PEMFs do not remove these other impediments to healing. They simply give the body a fighting chance and accelerate the body’s natural capacities.

“You can’t grow a garden in a swamp.” You must clear the swamp, that is, make the tissues as healthy as possible before true healing can take hold and accelerate. There are surgeons, who, due to years of experience will not do surgery on somebody until they have been on a proper nutritional protocol for at least 3 months. They discovered that patients with a higher nutritional level get much better results and faster. This simply makes more obvious the fact that the body needs to be as healthy as possible before accelerated healing happens. PEMFs help to prepare the tissues for healing and regeneration and at the same time accelerate the healing process once it starts to take hold. It would be wonderful if physician understood how beneficial PEMFs before surgery would be in preparing the tissues pre-op.

The analogy I use is that you cannot rebuild a house without a plan, bricks and mortar, workers, and tools.

To build a solid home or body, you must start with a good foundation. Every day use of a whole-body PEMF system creates a dynamic, resilient cellular environment. While magnetic therapy is excellent for treating existing conditions, it should also be used for preventative care. One of the most obvious reasons our bodies wear down over time is because of the cumulative effects of stress. Stress reactions are immediate, but recovery takes hours or even days. PEMF therapy offsets these effects before they make the body more susceptible to disease. In addition to stress, the natural aging process constantly threatens our foundation. Cellular turnover slows as we age. Eventually, cell division happens more slowly and less efficiently until cells are dying faster than they are replicating. Cell communication and metabolism slow, energy production wanes, and immune functions diminish. Daily use of PEMF therapy restores neurotransmitters and brain function, increases blood oxygen levels, improves circulation, balances blood pressure, promotes ATP production, and helps to activate the cellular antioxidant defenses throughout the entire body. This makes for a solid, adaptable foundation. Eating a nutrient-rich diet and making a point of taking high-quality supplements when necessary is essential to our overall health. Exercise and an active lifestyle also play an important role in keeping cells as healthy as possible. Movement of the body generates electric currents in joints, which helps to preserve the existing cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Our Cells are the Building Blocks of Life.

The next step to building your house is gathering good materials.

This means paying attention to the nutrients you are putting into your body. Nutrition and supplements are a huge part of health maintenance. They are absolutely critical in terms of being able to heal a wound or combat a disease process. PEMFs cannot add anything to your body. If you have low potassium levels, you need extra potassium. If your sodium levels are too low, you need extra sodium. PEMF therapy will not give you sodium or potassium. But PEMF therapy will help your body make the most of the sodium and potassium it has access to, restoring health more quickly and efficiently. Nutrition, supplements, and a healthy lifestyle make the “bricks and mortar” more effective.

Once you have the foundation and materials in place, you must have the right tools to put it all together. The tools in this case are the natural built-in processes the body must have to repair and maintain itself. These tools include genes, hormones, enzymes, heat, balanced pH, ATP energy and waste disposal. For the purposes of our analogy, I would call these “hand tools.” For many reasons, these basic tools are often not available to function optimally, or are incapable of overcoming various obstacles, breakdowns, or imbalances. And so, we turn to power tools to do the jobs our simple hand tools cannot. PEMFs are the power tools of health, providing energy – literally and metaphorically – to our home-building (body-building) project.

The final piece we need to assemble when building our house is the crew to put it all together. Your crew is your body’s natural building and repair processes, including various types of cells in the body – RBCs, WBCs, Bone cells, fibroblasts, and the microbiome, among others. The crew also includes your village – your friends and family, spiritual and emotional support team, and your physicians. You cannot build the house alone. You may need specialists in a variety of fields to get the highest quality outcome. PEMFs are applicable here as well, taking raw materials and the body’s processes and helping them come together as seamlessly as possible.

There's also one element that people take for granted in maintaining their health - "water"!

Our bodies are primarily water in composition as indicated in the chart below.

Several hundreds of years ago water was also considered a food due to its ability to sustain life. However, today in our industrialized world, our water is anything but healthy, in fact, for most of the U.S. municipal water is lethal to drink due to the high content of chemicals and other additives that gradually kill living organisms and tissue - us.

"Living Water" though, is packed with a high concentration of minerals. Minerals that the body needs to sustain cellular functions and processes throughout the body.

Water is also vital in its ability to transport vital nutrients from the foods we eat into and out of our cells; carrying fluids throughout our vascular and lymphatic highway, ensuring muscle flexibility and lubrication of joints and ligaments. Plus, aiding in the removal of waste products away from healthy cells and organs and carried into our waste removal organs for elimination of our body either as urine, sweat or solid waste.

Thoroughly hydrated cells will retain more PEMF energy when the water has a high concentration of 80+ minerals (electrolytes). This cellular "recharging process" enables the cells to hold and utilize this "energy" during its repair process.

Why drink "Living Water" and not others types of water; i.e... distilled, purified, alkaline, zero water, designer bottle water, brand bottle water?

Research has shown that "Living Water" contains a high concentration of more than 80 minerals (electrolytes) which help nourish our 100+ trillion cells. And, due to its high volume of minerals, act as a catalyst" between PEMFs (pulsating electromagnetic frequencies (fields) and each cell during their "recharging process".

Understanding the cellular interaction with PEMFs will help you in rebuilding your "house" if you're experiencing any type of health issue including behavioral health problems which are also rooted in damage to brain cells from some form of trauma.

PEMFs can also be used as a preventive and wellness tool for those of you who are striving to age-in-place without the aches or pains that have been associated with "getting older",

When you're ready to begin your journey to better cellular health contact the Center for Optimum Health & Wellness at (301) 404-3532. Call the office today to schedule your initial health consultation and PEMF treatment.

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