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What PEMF (Energy Medicine) Does That Allopathic Medicine Can't

Updated: Aug 5, 2022


Always keep in mind that medication is "symptom-based" whereas PEMF (bio-energy) treatments are "source-based".

Here are 10 major benefits derived from PEMF treatments that medicine can't provide:

  1. Phantom Limb pain

  2. Postpartum pain

  3. Diabetes (neuropathy)

  4. Cancer and chemo treatments

  5. Neuropathy (limbs)

  6. Hemodialysis (kidney problems)

  7. Aids individuals experiencing mental health issues by providing relaxation; a needed benefit for an effective mental health therapy session

  8. Provides relief for post-traumatic stress syndrome

  9. Documented measures of stress (PTSD) significantly decreased after a session

  10. Immediate feelings of physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Here are the supportive facts regarding PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) Therapy or Energy Medicine:

  1. Research shows that PEMF alleviates and, at times, eliminates phantom limb pain.

  2. PEMF is beneficial for post-postpartum women including issues such as anxiety and depression and recovery from cesarean sections.

  3. Research shows that PEMF reduces physiologic measures for diabetics and is an effective treatment for type II diabetes mellitus. Circulation to the feet is greatly improved.

  4. PEMF therapy is non-toxic and therefore aids in oxygenating blood by enhancing the production and function of healthy red blood cells, and facilitate the repair of damaged red blood cells, thus potentially offsetting some of the damaging side effects of chemotherapy.

  5. Hundreds of studies from seven countries (US, India, Japan, China, Switzerland, Korea, United Kingdom) target cancer care and show the benefits of PEMF for the treatment of anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, nausea, and vomiting's.

  6. Neuropathy research shows improvement in blood flow rate, time and acceleration within the feet following PEMF therapy.

  7. Research indicates that PEMF helps individuals undergoing hemodialysis: Improves the kidney's function with changes in physiologic measures: an increase in red blood cells to combat anemia concerns, increase in lymphocytes (to help fight infection), and enhances disposal of waste products.

  8. NIH (National Institute of Health) and the NCI (National Cancer Institute) have documented medical articles and research which shows that PEMF aids the mentally ill, providing needed benefits unique to PEMF (brain entrainment). Mental health workers report that PEMF (brain entrainment) furnishes many advantages including facilitating communication.

  9. Victims of post-traumatic stress syndrome experienced relief from symptoms including anger, depression and muscle tension as well as improved sleep patterns, levels of concentration and a lift in their overall mood.

  10. Measures of stress such as blood pressure, pulse rate and self-reported anxiety are significantly decreased or lowered.

A statement that says it all from a PEMF client: "I go to the doctor and I don't know what the outcome will be. I'm given one or two prescriptions to have filled and schedule my next office visit where I'll tell the doctor how the prescriptions have or have not worked. But, when I see my PEMF Practitioner, I always feel better and I don't have to take any meds". What a dramatic difference in visits. Are you experiencing the same results as this person? What do you expect when you go to see your doctor? Do you feel the same as when you went in or do you want to literally feel better when you leave?

If you're constantly experiencing pain or your health condition hasn't improved with the use of various medications the question that one should ask themselves is simple.... "how do I want to feel when I leave my doctor' office?

Do I want to be given a prescription and leave with the same feeling I went in with....

or would I rather feel better after receiving a drug-free, non-invasive PEMF (bio-energy) treatment?

Waiting for a medication to "stop the pain" is not being pro-active in resolving the source of one's health problem(s).

There are hundreds of thousands of research articles on the benefit of PEMF (bio-energy) treatments at and These are government websites that provide a plethora of articles on the benefits of PEMF (bio-energy) therapy for more than two hundred (200) illnesses and diseases.

To learn more about PEMF therapy and begin experiencing the benefits of this non-invasive treatment contact OH&W at (301) 404-3532.

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