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PEMFs Effects on Microscopic Organisms

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

PEMFs & COVID-19, Potential Preventive & Follow Up Treatment

There are many healthcare professionals around the world that operate within both areas of healthcare. They are licensed physicians and alternative practitioners of various holistic modalities with PEMF therapy being one of them.

I recently received a medical article, from a fellow PEMF Specialist regarding how a PEMF device was able to neutralize a herpes virus and prevent the virus from infecting healthy cells. This is ground-breaking for those who might be exposed to herpes and other viruses. Keep in mind that not all viruses are bad.

Our bodies are teeming with millions of healthy germs, bacteria and viruses that live in harmony with our cells. They have very important jobs to do. Some are necessary for nutritional absorption, how our muscles operate, waste removal, bone structure, intestinal mechanism, organ functions and a host of other important duties. It's the bad one's that seek out a home inside of our body’ where they can consume the host, namely our cells, from the inside out. They’re carnivores. Viral infections occur when carnivorous viruses enter the body to consume unhealthy and healthy cells by entering the cell and consuming them from the inside out. When healthy cells are overcome by the carnivorous viruses, they destroy the cells ability to repair itself or regenerate. Once this occurs, the cells, which make up that organ; i.e… your lungs, are unable to function properly. Infection ensues and depending upon the severity of the infection - death. Yet, that scenario can be avoided when proper steps are taken to “neutralize” or at least slow down the infection process.

Brief Summary: The pulsating electromagnetic resonating fields created by PEMF devices fall within the realm of low hertz, moderate to high hertz in their frequency range. PEMFs that produce a moderate to high frequency EM waves are generally provided by PEMF specialist and various alternative practitioners who use it to address specific health problems. Keep in mind that PEMF energy is able to penetrate weak cells and recharge them, just like a battery. Boosting your cells energy levels aids them in their regeneration process. This form of regeneration is crucial for every cell involved in your immune systems ability to detect and destroy microscopic invaders. During several research studies it was discovered that EM (electromagnetic) waves can penetrate microscopic organisms hiding out in the body. Though the EM (electromagnetic) waves won't kill the harmful germs, bacterium or viruses, it will disrupt and neutralize their internal mechanisms, thereby eliminating their ability to harm your cells. In turn, infected cells will be able to expel the invading virus from within itself thus, making the neutralized invader a prime target for your white blood cells to consume.

This was the simplest way to explain what happens to viruses exposed to PEMF waves without using all the medical jargon in the article.

PEMF treatments can also be provided to anyone that has been exposed to any type of viral infection; but especially those who believe that they are asymptomatic should seriously consider receiving a few PEMF treatments to help "neutralize" any lingering viruses that may be lying dormant.

Knowledge of how our bodies work and what alternative options have been "proven" to work should be considered as a practical treatment option for preventing illnesses from occurring or in the case of COVID and it's many different strains, acquiring a better understanding of how PEMF treatments can help your body' immune system (cells and other internal mechanisms) destroy this man-made microscopic invader.

I hope you have a clearer understanding as to why and how PEMF therapy can improve your overall health and well-being. PEMF can be a preventive therapeutic protocol and/or a treatment for over 200+ illnesses and diseases including COVID-19 and other viral attacks.

If PEMF therapy isn’t part of your regular wellness program… your healthcare program is incomplete!

Inquiries and comments can be sent to: PEMFHELPSME@GMAIL.COM

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