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PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Vascular Disease

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Vascular Disease

Did you know that studies in PEMF therapy have shown it can reduce symptoms of vascular disease?

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve blood flow, oxygenation of the tissues, and circulation. You can experience a wide variety of symptoms with vascular disease, but PEMF therapy can help. Today, this article will discuss the symptoms of vascular disease, and how PEMF therapy can reduce those symptoms while improving quality of life for those who suffer from it.

Symptoms of Vascular Disease and Potential Challenges

Your heart is considered to be the most important organ that you have. The heart represents many things in life but scientifically it represents power in the body. This is because your heart holds the highest voltage of any organ in the body.

Scientific studies have shown that the heart operates at about 30 Hz. When symptoms of heart disease pop up, it’s time to look at the root cause rather than the symptoms alone.

Symptoms of vascular disease include:

· Chest pain

· Heart attack

· Stroke or TIA (transient ischemic attack or mini stroke)

· High blood pressure

· Kidney failure

· Skin changes or ulcers

· Tired feeling in the legs

These symptoms are common among those with vascular disease, but PEMF therapy may aid in preventing disease or reversing it. How does PEMF therapy go to work to reduce symptoms and address the root cause of the disease?

The fact that a healthy heart operates at about 30 Hz tells us that the heart is powerful and disease free on its own.

When symptoms of vascular disease begin to creep in, a therapy that stimulates cells will begin to heal the body. When cells are stimulated, the very molecules and neurons all get that stimulation and begin to function properly. PEMF’s have been shown to repair damaged cells and aid in the generation of new healthy cells.

Can you think of a time when someone you know was diagnosed with heart cancer? Probably not. It can happen, but those cases are extremely rare. When cancer of the heart does occur, it is only found in the lining outside the heart. This all due to the amazing fact that the heart is the highest voltage organ. Every organ has its own energy level, but the heart operating at the highest level is a testimony to the rarity of such disease.

When the “symptoms of vascular disease” are left untreated it can impact the heart directly. When the tissues of the heart are healthy and circulation has improved upon the use of a PEMF device, chest pain is less likely to occur.

Circulation, when improved means that the blood vessels, capillaries, and veins are all functioning as they should. Skin changes are also less likely to occur when vascular health is in check with the use of PEMF’s.

The chances of stroke and heart attack will be reduced dramatically when PEMF therapy begins to balance the health of the cells, neurons, tissues, and ultimately the organs themselves.

It is best for PEMF therapy to be used in the earliest stages of the diagnosis of any disease. However, using a PEMF device for overall wellness may prevent these symptoms and prevent vascular disease. The body has its own magnetic fields, operating at its optimal level anywhere from 0 to 30 Hz.

This fact alone, proven by scientific research is all we need to know that PEMF therapy is the most beneficial therapy for the entire body.

A study you can find in PubMed, was conducted on rats with MI history (myocardial infarction) to see if EMFs would have a positive impact on their cardiac function. The rats were exposed to treatment at 3 Hz for 8 minutes four times per day. The end result of this study showed that these rats had improved cardiac systolic function, and that it inhibits cardiac apoptosis.

This means that the ventricles are able to perform as they should, and that heart failure is inhibited. This is great news for those who are suffering from vascular disease or any type of heart disease.

This may also lead to positive results for patients heading into cardiovascular surgery.

Accessing the right PEMF device for you is important if you desire better overall health and healing from symptoms of vascular disease.

Reduce Symptoms of Vascular Disease with a PEMF Device

PEMF devices are as unique as you and I. There are now many devices ranging from portable hand-held devices to full-body mats. Which one is right for you? This really depends upon why you wish to use a PEMF mat. You will also want to consider your lifestyle and the needs of your other family members.

Do your research online and compare the devices, return policies, and pricing. There are numerous companies popping up on the internet, so be careful about offering your personal information before making a purchase. PEMF therapy has been proven to be successful in the healing of numerous diseases and conditions.

There are thousands upon thousands of scientific studies to back it up. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free way of approaching healing from the symptoms of vascular disease and it is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being.

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