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Body Tune-Up Coupon

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Why should you tune-up your body? The same reason you take your car into the dealership or mechanic to get it tuned-up. Tune-ups keep your car running smoothly and reduces the need for costly repairs. The same principal applies to our body.

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals, toxins, unhealthy foods, water and air throughout the day. Our homes and work places are breeding grounds for harmful pathogens from the use of chemicals that have an adverse effect on our "immune system".

When our cells become damaged, weak, dysfunctional or mutate, for various reasons, they cannot efficiently perform their specific and varied task of keeping us healthy. To assist in cellular repair and increase cellular function the Center for Optimum Health & Wellness uses an all-natural revolutionary therapy known as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), resonance energy, to recharge and strengthen your 100+ trillion cells.

Your Immune System was designed with several safety mechanism’ to deal with invading microorganisms. The primary cells responsible for this are your White Blood Cells. These guys were the model for the famous video game "PacMan".

Your White Blood Cells go where they are needed to destroy microscopic invaders. People with multiple health problems have WCBs working tirelessly to destroy whatever is attacking the unhealthy damaged cells in unhealthy organs. When there are not enough WBCs available to destroy the new invaders the invaders simply go and attack other parts of the body. It's a hostile takeover!

Strengthening your White Blood Cells with our Body Tune-Up Service helps your WBCs reproduce more efficiently and increase their numbers to overpower and destroy both old and new invaders.

The current global health crisis substantiates the importance of keeping one's immune system strong. And the ONLY drug free protocol capable of doing that is by "tuning up" your body's natural defense system with our Body Tune-Up Sessions. Why? Because there is no other holistic or allopathic treatment capable of “Increasing Your Cells Ability to Destroy Invaders” without PEMFs. Keep in mind that ALL ILLINESSES AND DISEASES begin inside of weak, damaged, dysfunctional, and/or mutated cells. Heal your Cells and you will Heal your Body.

For details about our Body Tune-Up service download the brochure located below.

Call Now to book Your Appointment!

Phone: (301) 404-3532

Office: 1300 Mercantile Lane, Ste 100-L, Largo, MD 20774.

Provided Exclusively by: The Center for Optimum Health & Wellness

BodyTuneUp Brochure
Download PDF • 560KB

This offer is explicitly for Body Tune-Up. Body Tune-Up is a "Preventive/Wellness treatment. The above coupon cannot be used with PEMF Vasodilation Treatment or therapeutic treatments for illnesses or diseases. Cut and print coupon. No expiration date. One-time use ONLY.

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