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Immune Support Therapy Coupon

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What is an Immune Support Treatment? When our cells become damaged, weak, dysfunctional or mutate, they cannot efficiently perform their specific and varied task of keeping us healthy. To assist in cellular repair and increase cellular function we use an all-natural revolutionary therapy known as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), resonance energy, to recharge and strengthen your 100 trillion cells. Our Immune System was designed with several mechanism’ to deal with invading microorganisms. The primary system is our White Blood Cells. When there are too few White Blood Cells or they are spread thin from protecting other sections of our body, microscopic invaders come in and take over. Strengthening your White Blood Cells enables them to reproduce more efficiently and have the numbers to overpower and destroy invaders. The COVID-19 Pandemic makes it imperative for you to consider strengthening your Immune System with PEMF therapy. Why? Because there is no other holistic or allopathic treatment capable of Increasing Your Cells Ability to Destroy Invaders” but PEMF. Keep in mind that ALL ILLINESSES AND DISEASES begin inside of weak, damaged, dysfunctional, and/or mutated cells. Heal your Cells and you will heal your body. Call Now to book Your Appointment! Phone: (301) 404-3532

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Offers expires June 20th, 2020. Cannot be used with any other therapeutic PEMF therapy or alternative service.

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