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The Benefits of Receiving EMF Therapy

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Research clearly demonstrates that low pulsed, natural EMFs can benefit human physiology. Who Knew? Thanks to NASA and the work of many others, researchers have provided proof regarding the therapeutic use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Here are just a few of the benefits derived from this unique alternative therapy:


  • wound healing

  • pain reduction

  • improved energy and quality of life

  • tissue, bone, ligament, and nerve repair and regeneration

  • capillary function

  • post-heart attack recovery and cardiac function

  • increased strength and stamina

  • immune function

  • HGH and ATP production

  • balance and motor synchronization

  • oxygenation

Dr. Oz discussed the use of PEMF for health and pain on his show in 2011.

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