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Low Frequency EMFs are Life-Sustaining

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Life on our planet requires these very low frequency, low intensity fields.  We need earth's electromagnetic field just as much as we need air, water, and heat from the sun. It's not a surprise that we can handle these fields of energy. Taking it a step further, it is not a surprise that human beings (and all life) interact with our environment, the elements, with a deep intelligence that's not just beneficial but indispensable to our well-being. In other words, our ability to survive and thrive may not be a battle against anything (i.e. germs) so much as it is a fundamental need to maintain a kind of homeostatic equilibrium (internal balance) that's hardwired within in us for health.

NASA has used electromagnetic fields therapeutically, since the late 60's to heal living tissues and counteract the negative effects of being in space. It's not a big leap to ask if these same treatments could help improve the health of everyone on planet earth.

To date, NIH has over two hundred medical reports on the benefits of EMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). These reports cover the effects of healthy EMF therapy in relation to diabetes, high blood pressure, tissue and bone regeneration, nerve repair, pain management, would care, heart problems, PTSD, and the main complaint that everyone has "INFLAMMATION"! Reducing inflammation is possible with PEMF therapy. Call today to schedule your visit and begin learning how to use this drug free therapy to reduce inflammation from your specific health problem.

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