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Therapeutic Energy Mats

Therapeutic Usage

There are approximately twenty (20) or more different types of PEMF devices and accessories being sold in the U.S.  As of 2016, most PEMF devices have been classified as "Wellness Units" while other PEMF devices, prior to 2016, may be classified as a "Class I Medical Devices".  Class I Medical PEMFs are used by physicians and various alternative practitioners as a "therapeutic" units to treat illnesses and diseases.  Medical PEMFs have the ability to exponentially boost cellular healing.  Treatments with Therapeutic or clinical PEMFs are recognized by the FDA and CMS here in the U.S.  Treatments with professional and/or clinical PEMFs are billable. 

In-Home Use as a Preventive or Wellness Protocol
"Wellness Units", non-medical preventive/wellness PEMF devices and accessories, can be purchased to improve your current health status and aide you in maintaining your quality of health and that of your love ones. 

Take a few minutes to review several of the PEMF devices that we provide for both professional, clinical use and in-home use. 

NOTE:  Due to international patent laws, no two PEMF devices or accessories are exactly alike.  Take you time to review the manufacturers information on how a specific units works when considering the purchase of any PEMF device, be it a professional clinical unit or an in-home unit/accessories.

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