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Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, are branches of alternative medicine based on the science of cellular repair through pulsating electromagnetic resonating energy. 

All living creatures produce a bio-electrical field.  Earth produces an electromagnetic field that pulsates and resonates.  This natural electromagnetic energy field is the “heartbeat” of our Planet and the source of all continuous life systems on Earth. 

Research suggests the human body is largely voltage-regulated, not chemically regulated. Measuring these voltages can determine your present state of health and provide clear direction for improving upon it. In addition, manipulating the body's voltage can regenerate damaged tissue, internal organs, and numerous vital life systems.


Modern science has learned how to duplicate this “life energy” through devices known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (fields) (PEMF) equipment.  These devices are designed to deliver this energy to inflamed tissue through a series of pulses, frequencies and intensities that resonate through damaged tissue thereby stimulating repair at the cellular level. 

Below is a brief video that contains an excerpt from the speech given at the 2009 Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine by Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D. Dr. Oschman believes that a new breakthrough in medical practice is just around the corner; that of using energy biomedicine in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, chronic conditions and other medical conditions. This new technology is once again entering mainstream use; it stimulates the repair and regeneration of tissues and helps to greatly accelerate the healing process. 



Studies by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conclude that PEMF is safe and effective for both humans and animals.  The Center for Optimum Health & Wellness utilizes several PEMF devices due to their design, frequency, and intensity settings. 

The Center for OH&W offers various levels of treatment from mild to chronic illnesses and diseases through the use of different PEMF devices.  

The PEMF units and accessories that are used were selected based on their FDA classification as Class 1 Registered Medical Devices. As of 2016 most PEMF devices have been classified as “Wellness Devices”.   This classification implies that they are capable of providing a safe an effective level of "electromagnetic energy" for use at home to maintain one's health. 

Therapeutic PEMF treatments are administered either sitting or lying down.  Clients are not required to undress.  Customized therapy sessions are based on each clients specific health needs.  There is no "one treatment fits all" treatments. No two people, even though they may be experiencing the same illness, for example - Type II Diabetes; their treatment time, frequency setting and session lengths would not be the same.    

Now, more than ever before, people are seeking “natural solutions", and “alternative holistic options” that actually work and can help increase the body’s natural healing abilities and boost their immune system. 


Those diagnosed with a mild or minor health condition are also seeking "natural holistic options" to increase and maintain their overall health and well-being.   PEMF therapy is what everyone needs to know about and incorporate into their healthcare regimen as a "therapeutic, preventive or wellness program". 


PEMF is the ONLY drug free, non-invasive therapy capable of being used to treat more than two hundred illnesses and diseases.



  • Pain reduction and accelerated healing

  • Promotes cellular health to improve wellness

  • Enhances the body’s self-healing abilities and quality of life

  • Boosts energy and athletic performance

  • Improves circulation, oxygenation, and immunity

  • Improves detoxification and elimination

  • Improves sleep, stress reduction and cognitive function

  • Modulates inflammatory response, reduces oxidative stress, promotes cellular rejuvenation

  • Non-toxic



In 2011, Dr. Oz introduced PEMF to the American public as a new and revolutionary treatment for pain.    He briefly explained that the use of “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Energy is a new non-invasive, drug free approach to pain management. 

He further explained that the magnetism being introduced was not the refrigerator type of static magnet but a magnet similar to the ones used in MRI and CT Scan machines.  Instead of taking an image of our internal organs the pulsating electro-magnetic creates an energy field that bathes our cells in all-natural energy.  Each cell is being recharged with the exact amount of energy needed to repair itself.  This function is called cellular regeneration.  It's the most amazing continuous process that occurs thousands of times daily within our 100+ trillion cells.  



All cells are alive, they need food, oxygen, "living water" and must eliminate waste to operate properly.  Yet, they also require Electro-Magnetic Energy to stay healthy and alive.


PEMF devices provide “Electro-Magnetic Energy” to initiate cellular repair (cellular regeneration).  Our Earth produces an "Electro-Magnetic Energy Field" that helps to protect all life from the harmful effects of our Sun and other invisible forms of energy emanating from outside of earth's atmosphere.


It is the Earth's "Electro-Magnetic field" that enables all "cellular life" on earth to live.  Without this "energy field" there would be no life on Our Planet.  Earth would be like the moon.  And because this energy field is relevant to life on Earth, it's referred to as the 5th Element of Life.


When our cells are healthy we feel healthy, vibrant; however when our cells become damaged or dysfunctional, for various reasons, their energy levels drops.  They're no longer able to perform their regular operational routine of absorbing water, food, oxygen and eliminate waste properly.  When this occurs, overtime, an illness or disease is developing.   Keep in mind that all of these life saving processes are occurring on a microscopic level. 


When our cells become weak, damaged and dysfunctional, minor illnesses like colds, the flu, headaches or allergies will manifest within days while major and chronic illnesses like cancer and tumors develop at a much slower rate over an extended period of time and cannot be detected for years.  

Our immune system, which is also comprised of "unique cells" are designed to fight off and defend our body from microscopic invaders even though our body has a symbiotic relationship with millions of friendly viruses, germs and bacteria that help to regulate our internal gut flora but also our nasal cavity.  


Did you know that PEMF therapy has been in the U.S. for more than 60 years?  First introduced in the late 1940's by NASA to address health problems associated with space flight.  In later years the FDA approved of PEMF therapy for the following health problems:


  • 1972 the use of PEMF devices were approved in the healing of non-union bone fractures

  • 1998 urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation

  • 2006 the treatment of depression and anxiety

  • 2011 for brain cancer and tumors, and

  • 2004 for Stage III & Stage IV Wound Care


Specific PEMF devices have been recommended for use by chiropractors due to their ability to reduce swelling and joint pain.   These devices are also excellent for the treatment of edema in soft tissue.   


There are two classes of PEMFs, Class I Medical devices and Wellness units.  Full body PEMF mats are used to treat the entire body whereas smaller mats, hand held units, rings, anklets, uniquely designed accessories can be used for home use. 


Keep in mind that the difference between a home unit and professional Class I device is the "frequency and resonance levels". 


PEMF Therapy is being used to address more than 250 illnesses and diseases.  The pulsating electromagnetic resonating fields being produced  is healthy (ENERGY) that recharges the electromagnetic energy field that exist within each of our 100+ trillion cells.  Recharging our cells give them the ability to not only repair themselves but to also perform their "preprogramed function" within the organ where it is located.   Muscle cells can repair themselves, brain cells can repair themselves, bone cells, etc...  This is a never ending process that occurs 24/7/365 days a year for as long as we live.  

Learning about and incorporating PEMF therapy into your health regimen is essential in addressing current health problems, preventing health problems from developing and maintaining your health and well-being as we age.

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