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Dr. Stevens discusses advances in integrated health and natural healing on the Top Docs show

Dr. Oz introduces PEMF Therapy on National TV in 2011

Revolutionary drug free therapy for pain management

How important are minerals for cellular hydration to occur?  To learn more about minerals that can transform your water and improve cellular health go to:

How beneficial are commercial HVAC systems, air-handler units and commercial anti-bacterial devices?

Listen closely to how the pulsating electro-magnetic energy field moves the metal ball inside of the plastic container.

Cellular health is the key to staying healthy and disease free.

Benefit of PEMFs in stroke recovery.

Helpful and Harmful Benefits of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies

PEMF treatments will help to increase cellular function and in many instances, gradually reverse the damaging effects of heavy metal toxicity, prescription drug use, inflammation, aches and pains associated with aging, post surgery, post-OT or PT, physical rehab and sporting injuries.

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