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PEMF  Scientific  Studies  Pulsed  Electromagnetic Electromagnetic  Fields


There are over 2,000 studies done with this technology, many of which were double-blind, placebo case studies and all of them show a greater percentage of benefits versus the control group.  Providing you, our readers, with a partial listing of several studies performed in the 1990's helps to substantiate the practical and medical benefits derived from using PEMF as a preventive and therapeutic treatment for multiple illnesses and diseases.  Specific PEMF devices used to effect a treatment will be mentioned.  The Center for Optimum Health & Wellness uses and endorses specific PEMF devices in their treatment protocols.  Our PEMF devices have a Medical Classification of I or II.  Some are registered as "Wellness Devices" and therefore used extensive for "Therapeutic Massage" as "Preventive" therapy. 


And to assist our clients in maintaining their overall health and well-being, we introduce specific "consumer friendly" PEMF devices to our patients for in-home usage.  Professional PEMF devices, designed specifically for use by healthcare professionals, are also available.

The most prevalent diseases among African Americans are: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity.  The first three studies being presented demonstrate the efficacy of incorporating PEMF therapy into a patients treatment plan as a preventive and therapeutic treatment protocol.


In  this  study,  320  diabetics  received  impulsed magnetic field treatment while 100 diabetics (controls)  received  conservative  therapy  alone.  Results showed beneficial effects with respect to vascular complication in 74 percent of the patients receiving magnetotherapy combined with conservative methods, compared to a 28-percent effectiveness rate among controls.


Another study involving 72 diabetics with purulent wounds found that magnetic fields aided healing significantly.

I.B. Kirllovn et al., "Magentotheapy the Comprehensive Treatment of Vascular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus," Kiln Med, 74(5), 1996, . 39-41.

R.A. Kuliev & R.F. Babaev, "A Magnetic Field in the Combined Treatment of Suppurative Wounds in Diabetes Mellitus," Vestn Khir Im II Crek, 148(1)., January 1992,. 33-36.


This review articles is concerning clinical application of electromagnetic fields, microwave therapy, has been shown to improve local circulation and vascular tone, increase the volume of function in capillaries , lower hypertension, stimulate protein and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate pituitary-adrenal system, digestive organ function.  Studies have shown decimeter wave therapy capable of stimulating the secretory function of the stomach, as well as blood circulation, respiratory function and immune system.

Results found that the use of magnetophore therapy (constant magnets applied to adrenal regions 10 hours per day for 15 days) significantly improved symptoms associated with hypertension in about 35 percent of patients studied, with mild improvement seen in 30 percent, and no improvement in 35 percent.  Patients receiving decimeter-band Waves (460 MHz field intensity of 35-45 W, for a total of 15 days) experienced similar results.

V.V. Orzeshkovskii, et al, and "Clinical Application of Electromagnetic Fields," in I.G. Akoevs and V.V. Tiazhelov, (eds.), Topics of Experimental and applied Bio-electromagnetics.  A Collection of Research Papers, Puschcino, USSR, USSR Academy Sciences, Biological Sciences Research Center, 1983,.  139-147.

V.V. Orzeshkovskii, et al, "Efficacy of Decimeter-Band Waves and Magnetophore Therapy (PEMF) in Patients with Hypertension," Vrach Delo, (1), 1982., 65-67.


Normal amounts of fatty tissue function as an energy-storage organ. We now know that fatty tissue is also an endocrine “organ” producing numerous molecules called adipokines or adipocytokines that can act as hormones. (Endocrine refers to the system of glands in the body that produce hormones, those chemical messengers that help regulate growth, sexual function, and other processes.)

PEMFs may help in several ways: by reducing inflammation by reducing the levels of proinflammatory cytokines, increasing adiponectin and decreasing leptin levels, reducing the production of fat, breaking down fat cells, affecting appetite.

Baranowska A, Skowron B, Gil K, Kaszuba-Zwoińska J. Obesity related adipokines release in rat adipose derived stem cell cultures influenced by pulsed electromagnetic field. Folia Med Cracov. 2018;58(2):131–145.


Bolotova NV, Lazebnikova SV, Chicheva, GV, et al. The effectiveness of transcranial treatment using the AMO-ATMOS -E apparatus for the correction of the reproductive system disorders in adolescent girls. Vopr Kurotol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 2010 Nov-Dec:(6):30–33.


de Kleijn S, Bouwens M, Verburg-van Kemenade BM, et al. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure does not modulate toll-like receptor signaling in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Cytokine. 2011 Apr;54(1):43–50.




Author: NITZ AJ

Source:  PHYSICAL THERAPY Volume: 66 Issue: 12, Pages: 1912-1919, Published: DEC 1986

Experimental Procedure for Tissue Healing.  An experimental treatment modality, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, has been used recently for patients with chronic rotator cuff tendinitis who do not respond to steroid injection or other forms of conventional conservative management (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and analgesics).  Seventy percent of the patients with recalcitrant rotator cuff tendinitis reported reduced pain scores and were reported to have increased ROM after PEMF treatment.


A group of 83 adults with non union fractures were examined for the effects of bond grafting and the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields for this study.  Results showed a successful healing rate of 87 percent in the original 38 patients treated with bone grafts and PEMF for non union fractures with wide gaps, misalignment, and synovial pseudarthrosis.  Of the 45 patients that were not successfully treated with PEMF and had bone grafting, when retreated with pulsing electromagnetic fields, achieved a 93 percent success rate.  (I hope you can comprehend this, there was no union, meaning the bone did not heal until they used pulsed magnetic field therapy).


C.A. Bassett, et al, "Treatment of Therapeutically Resistant Non-unions with Bone Grafts and Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields,"  Journal of Bone Joint Surg. 64(8), October 982, p. 1214-1220.


Examining the effects of pulsing electromagnetic fields on 125 patients suffering from non union fractures of the tibial diaphysis, showed a healing success rate of 87%.


C.A. Bassett, et al, "Treatment of Non-union Tibial Diaphyseal Fractures with Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields," Journal of Bone Joint Surg. 63(8), April 1981, p. 511-523.



On review, after applying external electromagnetic fields ranging 5 to 8 Hz, large improvements were detected in Alzheimer's patients.  These included improved visual memory, drawing performance, spatial orientation, mood, short-term memory and social interactions.


R. Sandyk, "Alzheimer's Disease: Improvement of Visual Memory and Visuoconstructive Performance Treatment with Picotesla Range Magnetic Fields," International Journal of Neurosci, 76(3-4).  June 1994, p. 185-225


As generally supported, a person's biological daily clock may causally be related to memory deterioration in Alzheimer's patients and in the ageing.  Synchronizing of the circadian rhythms using magnetic fields, (this articles suggest) could lead to improved memory for those affected.



A study of three patients with Lou Gehrig's disease were treated with a pulsed magnetic field administered by a Magnobiopulse apparatus.  Given three times a week for approximately 75 session to achieve maximum benefits, all of three experienced beneficial effects.

A. Belosi & R. Berget, Pulsed Magnetic Fields:  A Glimmer of Hope for Patients Suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis," Second World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine.  i-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy.


Results of this double-blind, placebo-controlled study indicated that treatment with two 30-minutes session of non invasive pulsed radio frequency therapy is effective in significantly decreasing the tiem required for edema reduction in patients suffering from lateral ankle sprains.

A.A. Pilla & I. Kloth, "Effect of Pulsed Radio Frequency Therapy on Edema in Ankle Sprains: A Multisite Double-Blind Clinical Study," Second World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine.  8-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy, p. 300.


A double-blind, placebo-controlled research study on the effects of pulsed electrical fields administered over a 4 week period revealed significant improvement patients receiving the therapy relative to the controls.

J.C. Reynolds, "The Use of Implantable Direct Current Stimulation in Bone Grafted Food and Ankle Arthrodieses:  A Retrospective Review, " Second World Congress fo Electricity and Magnetism in Bilogy and Medicine.  8-13 June 1997, Bologna, Italy.

This research studied the effects of magnetolaser therapy alone or in combination with conventional durgs in rheumatoid arthritis patients.  This treatment utilized a AMLT=01 device for magnetolaser therapy and consisted of 14 days with 6 minute exposures daily.  An obvious improvement was seen after 3 days of treatment, with greater improvement by patients suffering from mild to moderate levels of the disease.  End results computed into a 90 percent patient improvement rate.

The next study was conducted on 7 to 14 year old juveniles suffering from rheumatoid arthritis examined effects of low-frequency magnetic fields from a Polius-1 device.  Ten daily treatment exposures of 10 - 12 minutes each were conducted on three experimental groups.  The three groups showed 58, 76, 37 percent beneficial effects from the treatment.


In this  study,  patients  with  primary  open-angle glaucoma with compensated intra-occular pressure were administered magnetotherapy using an ATOS device with 35-mT magnetic field induction.  The procedure was administered to a patient in a sitting posture with a magnetic indictor held before the eye.  Sessions lasted 10 minutes and each course included 13 session.  Following -5 month of therapy, results showed improved vision acuity 0l16 diopters, on an average of 29 out of 30 eyes with vision acuity below 1.0.

Biovars, et al, "Possibilities of Magnetotherapy in Stabilization of Visual Function in Patients with Glaucoma, "  Viestr Ottalmol, 11291), January-March 1996, p. 6-8.


This double-blind placebo-controlled study examined the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on hair loss in men suffering from male pattern baldness.  PEMF exposures were administered to the head for 12 minutes and were given weekly or twice weekly over a period of 36 weeks.  Results found the PEMF treatments both prevented hair loss and promoted regrowth without side effects.

W.S. Maddin, et al, "The Biological Effects of a Pulsed Electromagnetic with Specific Reference to Hair: Electrotrichogenesis,"  International Journal of Dermatology, 29(6), 1990, p. 446-450.


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